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Check out SodaStream's variety of Gas Cylinders, and buy a spare or exchange your empty for a full one!

You need gas to keep putting the sparkle into your water, and gas is available as a refill (a gas exchange), or as a spare.

  • A gas exchange is when you exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, and only pay for gas.
  • Having a spare gas cylinder means that you always have one cylinder in the sparkling water maker, and one gas cylinder that you can return to us to exchange for a full one. So one in use, and one "spare" that is either in transit, or already back with you waiting to be used!

It is easy to exchange your cylinder when you shop at SodaStream online...

...simply add "gas exchange" to your basket.  We will add a £10 refundable deposit for each cylinder you want to exchange. Once you've placed your order and paid for it, we will dispatch your new gas cylinder(s) together with the label so that you can return your empty cylinder. You pay for postage out - we pay for postage back. (If you are buying more than one we do need you to wrap your cylinders up together when you send them back, and return them with a single postage label)

Once we get your empty back, we will refund your deposit within FIVE working days. Simple!

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