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Gas Buy Back

Get 50% off the price of your gas refills! 

Send us your empty, spare gas cylinders (we'll pay for postage back to us) and we’ll give you 50% off the price of a new gas refill (excluding deposit) for every empty you return. 

Are you building up a small stock of empty gas cylinders? Are these spares? (So cylinders that you can't return to get a deposit back?)
If so, we’d like to re-use these cylinders – it will reduce the number of new ones we need to make, so helping the environment.

More detail about how it works:

  1. Print off  the form and  complete carefully with your details.
  2. Print off your free return Collect+ label .
    • In the first field type "Gas Buy Back"
    • In the customer number field put your own name.
  3. Put your unwanted/empty cylinders into any suitable box. Try and pad them with spare newspaper or wrapping so they don’t rattle or move in transit.
  4. Put the form you completed in with the bottles and affix the return label on the outside of the box. Write ‘GAS BUY-BACK’ in the first field on the label.
  5. Take your box to a Collect+ point nearest to you.
  6. When we get your package, we’ll check the contents to ensure they match the form you completed.
  7. We will give you voucher for 50% off the normal price of a gas refill (excluding deposit) for each empty you send us.
  8. You then visit www.sodastream.co.uk and order your new refills, getting 50% off the price by using your voucher codes.

Please do not return cylinders that you have bought as a gas exchange, as you will not be able to reclaim a deposit for any cylinders that you return in this way. Any applicable cylinders received in our warehouse as part of the Gas Buy Back will be treated as spares, not as part of the gas exchange process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an account on SodaStream.co.uk take up this offer?
No, but it’s really easy to create one if you haven’t already.

Q:How long will it take to send me my vouchers by email?
We will process everything very quickly. You should get your vouchers within 10 working days.

Q: What is the difference between a spare and a cylinder bought through the gas exchange process?
A: When you buy a spare you do not pay a deposit, so we are not expecting you to return your cylinder and claim a deposit back. You will probably have paid £22.99 for an individual spare bought through SodaStream online, or you might have bought a bundle that included a spare cylinder.

However, when you buy through the gas exchange process (£12.99 + £10.00 deposit on the SodaStream website) we know that you will return your cylinder, and when it is received back into our warehouse, we will refund you the £10 deposit that you paid when you purchased the gas exchange. If you return a cylinder bought under the gas exchange process as part of the gas Buy Back, subject to it matching one of the three sleeves above, you will get a 50% discount code off your next purchase of a gas exchange through sodastream.co.uk, rather than receiving your deposit back.

Q: Can I redeem the vouchers somewhere, other than with SodaStream?
Sorry, these vouchers can only be redeemed at www.sodastream.co.uk

Q: How do I send my cylinders back to you?
You must use Collect+. Just print off and use the free return label we provide online. You can find a Collect+ point nearest to you by visiting the Collect+ website.

Q: What happens if my box of empties gets lost in transit to SodaStream?
This is extremely unlikely. But as long as you have proof of dropping off your sealed box at Collect+, and you contact us we will help you. But give us time to find your box!

Q: I don’t want to use the vouchers immediately?
That’s ok – they are valid for 12 months.

Q: What happens if SodaStream says there is discrepancy in the number of cylinders returned compared with the declared number on the form I completed ?
We will check every parcel to ensure that you are getting the right number of vouchers. If you returned more than the number you said, we will still give you a voucher for each you returned. If you returned fewer than you declared, we will be in contact with you to explain next steps.


SodaStream – CO2 gas refill Campaign Terms and Conditions

SodaStream UK is offering you the opportunity to participate in the CO2 gas refill campaign in which SodaStream will give you 50% discount against the order of CO2 gas refills at RRP (excluding deposit for the SodaStream cylinder) for each empty SodaStream cylinders containing CO2 gas  (“Cylinders”) you return through www.sodastream.co.uk (the “UK Website“ and together the “Campaign”).

The Campaign will take place between August 13, 2018 and December 31, 2018 through the UK Website commencing at 9am UK local time (GMT+1) on August 13, 2018 until midnight on December 31, 2018 (the “Campaign Period').

In order to participate in the Campaign the following conditions must be met:

  1. You need to be a SodaStream customer, whether you have bought from the UK Website or from a SodaStream retailer.
  2. Your geographic address is within the mainland UK.
  3. You must return an empty 60L Cylinder, with a sleeve matching one of the Cylinders on www.sodastream.co.uk/gasbuyback.

You will ensure that, upon their return, empty Cylinders are in substantially the same condition as when you received them. You shall not be entitled to exchange Cylinders found by SodaStream to be damaged or tampered in any way.  We will issue vouchers for a maximum of 10 Cylinders per household. 

No other offers or coupon codes can be used in conjunction with the Campaign and this offer.

You will need to print off the CO2 gas refill form that can be found on www.sodastream.co.uk/gasbuyback, as well print off a Collect+ label.

You will need to fill out the CO2 gas refill form with your details (name/ address/ email address/ details of cylinders customer is returning) in order to enable SodaStream to process your request efficiently and send you the correct number of discount vouchers.

Once you have packed your empty Cylinders into a suitable package, affix the Collect + label to return the Cylinders to our warehouses, at no cost to you, and then drop the parcel off at your nearest Collect + store.

Cylinders being returned under this campaign must be received at SodaStream’s warehouse no later than 20th December 2018.

Upon receipt of the empty Cylinders at SodaStream’s warehouse:

  • The Cylinders will be reconciled with items that are detailed on your form;
  • You will be emailed a unique voucher code for each Cylinder that you returned to us within 10 days of receipt of your Cylinders. Each voucher code can be used against a single CO2 gas refill (excluding deposit for Cylinders) ordered online.

In the event your delivery does not arrive at SodaStream’s warehouses, provided you present a receipt that you have posted your exchange box with a Collect +  store, SodaStream may, at its sole discretion, send you a number of vouchers to be determined.

Orders will only be delivered to a geographic address within the mainland UK.

Before leaving the Campaign online webpage you must read the website conditions of sale and Privacy Policy. If you fail to do so SodaStream may, without derogating from any of its other legal rights, cancel your participation in the Campaign.

SodaStream reserves the right to cancel any voucher if SodaStream suspects, in its sole discretion, a duplicate order (whether by named customer, by address or by bank account/ PayPal etc.) or that the item is intended to be offered for onward sale.  SodaStream will not enter into any further correspondence regarding their decision.

This offer is available only to UK residents excluding employees of SodaStream Worldwide Trading Company and their immediate family members. This offer is available only to final end consumers, and not to retailers or individuals who are participating with the intention of selling these items on.

SodaStream reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, amend or suspend this offer at any time and for any reason.

For any further details or information, please contact us at: Customer.Care-UK@sodastream.com or on 0800 0858 373.

Thank you!