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CO2 Exchange Programme

When you buy your SodaStream Drinksmaker, a full 60Litre CO2 gas cylinder is included. This will typically last you around 3 months, depending on your drinks consumption. Once you have run out of gas, you can exchange you empty gas cylinder for a full one, paying only the cost of the gas refill.

Gas refills

You can exchange your empty cylinder for a new one either online or instore.

Direct Delivery – Order a gas exchange for £9.99 online or through our Customer Team on 0845 601 0093. We will send you a full gas cylinder to your home address and in your parcel will be a Collect+ label for you to send your old cylinder back to us. You can find your nearest Collect+ store here.  

In Store
– Simply take your empty cylinder along to your local stockist, which can be found on our store locator and they will exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, charging you only the cost of the gas.

Spare gas cylinders

We recommend anyone with a SodaStream considers buying a spare gas cylinder, so you never run out of bubbles.

Discontinued cylinders

35 Litre cylinders, 110 litre cylinders and 60 Litre Alco2Jet cylinders have been discontinued. If your machine only accepts these cylinders please get in contact with our Customer Team because they can offer you a discounted exchange for a new machine. Call on 0845 601 0093 (Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00).