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World without bottles
Erin O’Connor launches SodaStream’s new “A World Without Bottles” campaign

Plastic is not Fantastic

British supermodel and environmentalist Erin O’Connor teamed up with SodaStream to launch “A World Without Bottles”, a campaign to raise awareness of plastic bottle waste and its devastating effects on the environment. Erin’s involvement follows new research that reveals a shocking 63% of British adults do not know how the 13.1 billion* plastic bottles – 500 per household - used annually by UK households could damage the environment. What’s more, Brits hugely underestimate the amount of bottle waste they generate; with 42% of adults believing they use between 1-5 bottles a week in their household when the actual figure is double that.

Known for her green credentials as much as her famous walk, Erin O’Connor is spearheading a new drive to educate consumers on the benefits of ‘precycling’, the practice of trying to reduce waste before recycling is necessary in the first place as according to SodaStream’s research 43% of consumers recycle less than half of their plastic bottle waste.

Sodastream is committed to reducing bottle waste; its reusable carbonating bottle is estimated to save 2000 bottles and cans in 3 years.