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We have a vision of a cleaner, healthier planet – it's who we are and we have begun a bubbly revolution.

While Big Soda remains loyal to their outdated business model and continues to manufacture and transport 629 billion bottles and cans each year, at SodaStream we don't ship the water, we don't ship the cans, we just ship the bubbles.

Why is it important to think about your personal plastic pollution pile-up?

Because quite frankly – everyone uses it, and doesn’t even think about it twice!

In fact, we don’t even think about the plastic bottles that we buy every time we’re out and about and thirsty. Or when we have friends coming over… or when the kids tell us they really want a fruit juice… it’s just one more thing for the recycle bin (or worse!) And some of us do that every day.

It’s so easy to reach for a bottle – but what if we told you mass produced plastic has only been around for about 50 years?
And think about what we’ve done to our planet and the wildlife in that short time.

We think we are being healthy by buying water – or even sparkling water – in bottles, but be cautious the next time you reach for your single-use bottle of soft drink or water in the shop. At this stage almost 15 million single use plastic bottles are not recycled in the UK every day.

Where are they going?

Surveys have found that plankton – the bottom of the food chain in the ocean – is now outnumbered by 6 to 1 in favour of microplastic in the seas. That means the fish that eat plankton are also eating plastic - so one way or another plastic is ending up on your dinner plate.

Would you ever serve someone an old plastic bottle for dinner? Plastic will outlive us all – and your children’s children, and their children’s children too.

If 50 years is all it took to reach this stage – what will the plastic problem look like then? Single use plastic bottles are one of the largest causes of ocean and beach pollution, killing and injuring wildlife and marine animals. Single use plastic bottles are made using non-renewable fossil fuels – which as you know take millions of years to form. All that effort – and then the bottle gets thrown away.

Take action now to reduce your personal plastic pile-up.

We all know that it takes hundreds of years to break plastic down. We all know that using the amount of plastic that we do in modern society is not sustainable. We all need to make a conscious choice to stop using single-use plastic bottles.

What can you do to make a difference?

Be a mindful bottle-user. When you buy an item, you create demand for it so more of those items will be made. Choose reusable bottles. We know that everybody needs to drink to survive – but water is readily available from the tap, and we are lucky in the UK that our tap water is good enough to drink. Do you really need that drink packaged in single-use plastic now, or can you wait? Can you pre-prepare your drink and take it with you?


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