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It’s no secret that Brexit has caused some financial uncertainty in the UK. A recent Nielsen survey* revealed that 67% of shoppers are anticipating a rise in grocery prices and a further 41% planning to change their spending habits to save money.

For families who might be rethinking their spending habits, you don’t have to make huge changes to see a big impact on wallets over a period of time.

Whether it’s making simple supermarket swaps, switching up your fizzy drinks or even trying out that wonky veg that everyone is talking about, there are some easy money saving tips that can save your family a whopping £3,700 per year.

We recently partnered with Money and Consumer Expert Sue Hayward to develop the below top moneysaving tips for families looking to stretch their budget.

10 Family Moneysaving Tips From Sue Hayward

1. Switch supermarket brands. If you always buy brands, swap them for supermarket versions. And if you already buy those, give the ‘budget’ version a go. Swapping a brand on everything in your trolley can knock a third off your bill and save £1,700 a year.

2. Buy ‘wonky’ veg. Buying boxes of ‘wonky veg’ or budget brand salad and vegetables can save over £100 a year. They may not look pretty but once sliced and chopped you won’t tell the difference in a salad or stir fry.

3. Plan ahead. Pack drinks and snacks for days out to save tantrums in traffic jams or forking out at swimming pool vending machines. Stock up on multipacks of juice cartons as these can cost £1 a go at petrol stations or cafes. Can save £200 a year.

4. Stock up on frozen food. Frozen mince and fish are great for quick dishes like bolognaise or fish pie and save money. You’ll pay £5 for a fresh pack (500g) of lean mince in Tesco, but the frozen version is £2.80. That swap alone saves over £50 a year.

5. Switch your fizzy drinks. Try using a SodaStream for fresh sparkling water on tap, making water more exciting, as well as keeping the kids entertained. Add your own choice of flavours or fresh fruit like a slice of lemon and save £300 a year. (NB saving based on switching from buying 2 bottles Coca-Cola + 2 bottles Schweppes lemonade each week approx 2 litre size each but saving doesn’t factor in cost of SodaStream)

6. Never go to the supermarket without a list or when you're hungry to save £150 a year. Chances are you'll end up with a trolley full of ‘impulse buys’ and they’ll probably be an expensive sandwich in there too!

7. Ditch your Friday night takeaway. You won’t get much change from £40 ordering pizza for four so if you still want that weekly treat stock up in the supermarket for under £10. Saves over £1500 a year.

8. Stock up on supermarket ‘meal deals’. These are the ones where they throw in mains, sides, desert and wine and you can bag around £20 of food for £10 and freeze what you don’t need. Saves £120 a year doing this once a month.

9. Save on waste. We throw away around £50 of food every month and doing a ‘big shop’ once a week may mean fresh food won’t last. A supermarket delivery pass costs £6 a month and saves time and money as you can do two smaller shops each week. Saves over £500 a year.

10. Shop late in the day. Most supermarkets start reducing fresh food from midday onwards if it's got a short shelf life. Check the bargain sections in the fridge aisles for those yellow stickers! From midday you can get around 25% off with discounts up to 75% from 7pm onwards. You can easily save at least a couple of pounds a week popping one or two items in your trolley ready for the freezer which adds up to around £100 a year.

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