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A blatant attempt to pull the wool over the consumer’s eyes” - an open letter to Coca-Cola in response to their ‘Love Story’ campaign. (04/08/2017)

I was caught quite by surprise when your new recycling commercial landed in my inbox. Finally! I was about to see The Coca-Cola company face-up to facts and take responsibility for the devastating impact your business has on our environment, every minute of the day. But, I’m afraid, I was left sorely disappointed, yet again.

 Read letter sent by Sumen Rannie, Commercial Director SodaStream UK, to Coca Cola >>

 What the colour of your wee says about your health (01/08/2017)

Dr Dawn Harper, presenter of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies said: "It’s definitely worth taking a look first because the colour and smell of your urine can give a lot of clues about your health." Dawn is on a mission to boost Britain’s hydration levels, after an independent study commissioned by SodaStream revealed the dire state of the nation’s drinking.

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Here’s what the colour of your urine says about your health (25/07/2017)

For the uninitiated, the ideal urine shade is a pale straw or a transparent yellow colour, with darker shades coming as a warning sign that you need to drink more water.

Find out more - article from Marie Clare >> 

SodaStream gets busy with the fizzy … again (22/07/2017)

Popular gadget of 70s and 80s bubbles up again, remarketing itself as the greener alternative to fizzy drinks’ copious cans and bottles.

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This pee test is sure to encourage you to drink more water

SodaStream have just released a 50 Shades of Yellow pee chart that's sure to encourage us all to drink more water.

Take the test yourself >>

SodaStream’s marketing approach has “hit a nerve” at competitors Coca-Cola and Nestlé (18/07/2017)

SodaStream is putting its brand purpose to “make a difference to the world” at the heart of its marketing, taking on the giants of the soft drinks space with an aggressive move to cut sales of bottled water.

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SodaStream CEO: plastic bottles will be the cigarettes of our generation (18/07/2017)

Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream CEO, explains why recycling efforts mean very little.

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SodaStream is 'doing the right thing' (17/07/2017)

Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream CEO speaks to Sky News SodaStream positions itself as the solution to plastic pollution - why buy bottled water when you can carbonate tap water? Ian King speaks to the company's chief executive Daniel Birnbaum.

View video of Daniel talking to Ian King >>

SodaStream hires Game of Thrones' Hodor in latest chapter of crusade against plastic bottles (12/07/2017)

SodaStream has followed its controversial, Game of Thrones-riffing campaign "Shame or glory" with a new spot that depicts present-day humans as a primitive species with an irrational addiction to drinking water from plastic bottles.

Are you a homo schlepien or a homo sapien? >>

SodaStream says its carbonated beverage machines are environmentally friendly as they reduce the need for plastic bottles. (12/07/2017)

Plastic has also come under fire from within the industry. Today, SodaStream released another marketing campaign that claims to reflect "the harmful reality of plastic bottle consumption".

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Professor Paris Hilton! Heiress takes on the role of scientist to save the planet from pollution in funny spoof video campaign for SodaStream (01/04/2017)

The socialite takes centre stage in a spoof video ad for SodaStream which sees her proudly announcing that she has invented a product that will help to rid the world of plastic bottle pollution once and for all.

Find out more about Paris's great invention >>

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