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SodaStream are on a mission to expose the shocking state of the nation’s hydration, and to ensure that we all up our water intake, once and for all.

We have partnered with TV medic Dr Dawn Harper (Embarrassing Bodies, Channel 4) to assess the nations hydration levels and to suggest recommendations on how to identify when we’ve had enough water by the little talked about, colour of our urine. Indeed it may not be the most glamorous of topics but it’s crucial we all take note of what our bodies are telling us. It’s the body’s best, yet widely misunderstood hydration marker!

When we’re hydrated we reap the rewards it provides such as; better concentration, clearer complexion, appetite and weight control etc

Find out the state of the nation’s hydration, how to spot the signs of dehydration and ideas to make hydration easy, tasty and even fun, for the whole family - Download the report here.