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"Source" - LED Display

Check out SodaStream's Source machine.

SodaStreamMay specials 2017

With sparkling water on tap, SodaStream makes it easy for you to lead a healthier life by drinking more water! With Source's unique LED display, you can see how much sparkle you are adding and carbonate to your preference. Your drink. Your way.

Fresh sparkling water, on tap, from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Starter bundle includes red sparkling water maker, 1 x gas cylinder, 1 x 1 litre bottle. Extra flavours and bottles can be bought separately through our website. Upgrade to "on the go bundle". As in starter bundle, PLUS 500 ml bottle twinpack (RRP £10.99) and 1 litre bottle twinpack (RRP £11.99). Sparkling water on the go! Upgrade to "flavour bundle". Including all the bottles of the "on the go bundle", PLUS 4 x 440 ml flavours (RRP £3.99 each). Flavours might be different to those shown above.
RRP £109.99 RRP £132.97 RRP £148.93
Source. So simple to use!