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A stylish and practical machine, Source was designed by the interior designer Yves Béhar and will turn your tap water into sparkling water in seconds.

With an attractive, space-saving design that sits elegantly on any kitchen work top, it also features an LED timer that lights up and will help you to identify when your water is carbonated to your taste, whether you like it lightly carbonated or extra fizzy.

The intuitive snap-lock bottle makes it easy to operate and requires no effort to insert or lock into place, allowing you to create delicious refreshing sparkling water quickly.

Source comes with a 60 litre aluminium gas cylinder, and one reusable carbonating bottle, so you can make up to 60 litres of sparkling water. If you ever fancy more than plain sparkling water, we offer a wide variety of flavours available on our webshop, from traditional and diet flavours, to cocktails and mixers.

Once your cylinder is empty this can be exchanged online for £12.99 (RRP). The Source is very easy to use and clean, and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Please note, there is an error in some of our User Manuals. 500 Fuse bottles can be used with the Source Machine.

Flavours and gas refills are also stocked in many stores, please see our store locator for details.

Good House Keeping Approved 2012 & 2013

Additional Information

Bottle Type Plastic
Bottle Size 1 L
Size of Carbonator 60 L
Snap Lock Mechanism Yes
Colour Black



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Customer Reviews

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Birthday present
Review by Matthew (Posted on 21/06/2016)
I got a Sodastream Source from Argos as a birthday present from my wife and children. The last time i had one was back in the 1980's with the pull down handle. Wow have they updated their styles, i ordered new flavours (zeros and diet coke and diet tonic) the coke is surprisingly good and the flavoured waters excellent. I can see us saving money with these as we buy a lot of flavoured waters to drink and drink diet drinks all the time.
You just need to make a cherry coke zero flavour :)
Review by steve in the UK (Posted on 30/03/2015)
I have had a SodaStream machine a long time ago but I decided to re-aquaint myself with their product range as I now drink a lot of fizzy water as it has replaced sugary soft drinks for me but I prefer fizzy to still.

I was trekking bottles back from the supermarket or having them delivered and the waste bottles were filling bins. I get through a bottle a day you see.

This made perfect sense.

I was surprised to see what a world of change SodaStream have made to their product lines, not just sugary drinks but sugar free, even Stevia which amazed me. Also a lot of flavours and even flavoured waters and healthy drinks for kids and cocktail mixes for us adults, so many choices.

Even the machines are varied now, one for all pockets and decors.

I love this machine with its designer styling and LED carbonation level indicator, so much more helpful than just push and hope for the best :-)

Its also super easy to fit a bottle, no screwing like older machines, just pop it under the pipe and push backwards, that locks it into place. Brilliant.

Did you also know a certain top chef did a blind test with white wine carbonated in a SodaStream against Champagne and the SodaStream came out top in that blind taste test! LOL
(If you decide to try it, you must let the wine settle, give it 5 mins, otherwise you will have a room full of champagne foam! LOL) Now ok it isn't champagne but it can compete with some of the lower end sparkling wines and save you £2-3 a bottle! Also nice for a cheap treat, who doesn't like a glass of bubbly?!

I estimate at current prices (Jun 13) fizzy water costs around 17p per bottle, concentrates cost around 34-44p per bottle depending on your concentrate and the price you pay for it. Plus its there, instantly, any time you choose.

This is going to save me money and a lot of wasted bottles, around 300 less that will be going into landfill every year, thats an amazing saving from just one house!

Can I recommend you get a spare cylinder, that way you just pop in the spare and exchange the empty at your leisure. No panics! Amazon sell them for less than the big retailers, Sodastream Spare Carbonating Gas Cylinder, 60 L
nice and fizzy
Review by Di Harries (Posted on 30/03/2015)
I bought this as a gift for my wife who likes fizzy water and this performs very well. It is quite good looking and very simple to use however I am a little concerned about the battery that is secreted somewhere to power the LEDs on the front of the unit to tell you how much carbonation you have used. My concern is around the life span and how replaceable it is, I haven't yet investigated this so I haven't docked a star for that but I have docked a star for the price... damn it is expensive. Still, the wife likes it so I'm happy!
so far, so good
Review by Allison (Posted on 30/03/2015)
This was a gift for a soda-lover, and we've made tons of water in just a week--much to birthday boy's delight. He won't buy soda for home because of the excess bottles. This is a fantastic solution! Even non-soda-lover (me) is enjoying playing with the extra bottles and flavours (got the 3-pack of 1L bottles--we recommend it, 1L goes quickly and it's more fun--when you have flavours to play with). I expect some of the novelty will wear off, and we may find the gas cylinders run out too soon, but for now, great gift!!
great for alcholics
Review by Upnabout (Posted on 30/03/2015)
I mainly bought this to make tonic for gin to save me lugging bottles from shops. It's very easy to use and looks good in the kitchen. There are loads of flavours available, although I have found that using about a third of the plastic sachets suits my taste more. Of course you can just use it to made soda water too, which only costs about 25p/litre.
very useful and much healthier
Review by M Palmos (Posted on 30/03/2015)
very useful, MUCH more healthy, tasty and environmentally ethical than buying plastic bottles with bubbly water at the supermarket!
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes drinking carbonated water.
great for sparkling water
Review by Anne Noakes (Posted on 30/03/2015)
Excellent purchase. Enjoying sparkling water without having to carry home bottles.
great product that we use daily
Review by Nicola L S Chapman (Posted on 30/03/2015)
Great product that we use daily. So much cheaper than buying pre-carbonated water, you can fizz it as you need it and the bigger canisters are easy to use and replace.
Review by chris walsh (Posted on 30/03/2015)
Can't imagine living without a SodaStream now!
this is brilliant
Review by rats magic (Posted on 30/03/2015)
This is brilliant - we have a local spring - so we know where the water is coming from now for our fizzy water!

1-10 of 12 reviews 1-10 of 12

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