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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a different company's cylinders be used?
We cannot be responsible for the products of any other company. Only SodaStream branded cylinders should be used with your drinksmaker. Using any other cylinder will not be covered by the warranty.
How do I get a 60 litre cylinder refill(s) when the one(s) I have is/are empty?
  • Firstly place your order for a 'gas exchange’
  • When you receive your gas refill you will also receive inside your package a Collect+ returns label.
  • Package the empty cylinder/s up using the brown box your gas refills arrived in.
  • Apply the Collect+ returns address label and take to your nearest Collect+ store, which can be found here.
  • Collect+ will then return the cylinder to us.


  • At the time you order we will charge you for a full cylinder. (Cylinder User Licence Fee and gas content).
  • Once you return to us the empty cylinder/s you currently hold we will automatically credit you for the empty cylinder/s once we receive it in our warehouse.
  • Payments can take 2-5 working days to show on your card.
  • The credit will be applied to the same credit card you used for the purchase of the gas refills. Please make sure to keep your receipt for the return of the cylinder.

Alternatively, please visit our Store Locator to find your nearest stockist.

How do I know if the cylinder is empty?

There are a number of indications that show that the cylinder is empty:

  • When you press the carbonating button you will not see any gas going into your bottle of water.
  • Even after repeated presses you don't reach the 'buzzing' sound.
  • The carbonating button may stay down.
  • The cylinder splutters showing that you have reached the end of the gas in the cylinder.

Please note: We recommend that you keep a spare cylinder in the cupboard so that when the cylinder runs out you simply swap the cylinders and keep making sparkling water, and return the empty cylinder as you order your next gas refill.

How should the cylinder be stored?
The cylinders contain CO2. Compressed gas has a tendency to expand when it is exposed to a source of heat for prolonged periods of time. Therefore the cylinder must not be exposed to sources of heat such as travel in a hot car, or placed right next a heat source such as an oven, stove or fireplace. It is important to always store the cylinder in a cool and dry environment. Each cylinder is fitted with a unique safety valve, which will safely release the gas in the unlikely event the pressure in the cylinder rise.
My cylinders have been discontinued. What are my options?
To discuss your options and special offers that are available to you, please either call our Customer Care Team on 0845 601 0093 Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 4.30pm or send a mail to customer.care-uk@sodastream.com. Please have the name of your drinks maker and when it was purchased to hand.
Should I hear a low hissing noise from my drinks maker during carbonation?
A slight hissing of gas may be heard when the drinks maker is under pressure.  This is quite normal, and the noise should stop after carbonation when the bottle is tilted and the pressure is released.
Should my drinks maker continue to release gas after the carbonating button has been released?
If your drinks maker continues to release gas after the carbonating button has been released, do not remove the cylinder or the bottle.  Leave the drinks maker in the upright position and do not touch the drinks maker until escaping gas is no longer heard.  When gas is no longer being released, tilt the carbonating bottle.  Unscrew the cylinder and return it to your supplier.  Exchange the cylinder for a full one. Attention: the cylinder may be very cold. Discard the carbonating bottle that was fitted into the drinks maker and replace it with a new one.  In case of damage, stop using the drinks maker and contact the Customer Care Team.
When I attach a new cylinder, should gas leak after I have screwed the cylinder to the drinksmaker?
There may be a pressure leak between the cylinder holder and the cylinder valve.  Screw the cylinder tighter into its holder.  If this does not help, remove the cylinder immediately and check if the rubber head washer is in place.  If it is missing or has slipped out of place we can replace it.  You may obtain one from our Customer Care Team on 0845 601 0093.
Can I carbonate drinks other than water? Can I re-fizz flat drinks?
No. Only water should be carbonated. You risk damaging your drinksmaker and making a bubbly mess, and the warranty is invalidated once you use any other liquid other than plain water. Stick with chilled water and adding any of our wide range of fantastic flavours after carbonation.
Can I use my drinks maker that I bought outside of the UK or take a drinks maker bought in the UK abroad?
UK drinks makers use a specific cylinder thread, so you may not be able to find the refill cylinders anywhere other than the UK. If you have bought a drinks maker in the UK to take abroad or if you have brought one with you from outside the UK, give our team a ring and check your options. Call 0845 601 0093 Monday to Friday 8.30am-4.30pm.
Do I need a special water system in order to use my drinks maker?
No, your SodaStream drinks maker uses any type of plain water that you typically drink at home. However, CHILLED water makes better sparkling drinks, so we strongly recommend that you refrigerate water prior to use. Consider keeping a few spare bottles of water in the fridge so that you're ready to make great-tasting sparkling drinks whenever you desire.
Does my drinks maker come with warranty?
Yes it does. We manufacture our drinks makers to exact specifications and are therefore able to offer a 2 year warranty. Please reference the instruction booklet that came with your drinks maker for more information.
How do I clean my drinks maker?
Your drinks maker must be cleaned with a damp soft cloth, without the use of other materials. Please do not put any part of it in the dishwasher.
How do I know how much sparkle to add to the bottle of water?
Your SodaStream drinksmaker allows you to make your drinks as sparkling as you like. As a general rule, this means pressing down sharply on the carbonating button in short bursts until you hear the distinctive 'buzzing' sound. You need to hear the loud buzzing sound 3-5 times. Some of Drinksmakers come with an LED display, where the lights will show which carbonation level you are at, simply hold down for more fizz. For specific drinksmaker carbonation processes please refer to your user manual in your box. If you have misplaced this then please contact our customer care team @ customer.care-uk@sodastream.com.
My drinksmaker and gas cylinder don't seem to fit one another.
Carnival, Centenary, Cool, Classic, 101 Deluxe, UK 101, Mr Fizzy, 201, A180, Apollo, Gemini, Original, Fizz On-Line, Evolution, Sparkling - all these drinks makers are compatible with the 35 litre 'Plus' cylinder, Please note that these cylinders along with the Alco2Jet 60 litre and Alco2jet 110 litre cylinders have been discontinued. If your drinksmaker has a yellow cylinder holder, the NEW 60 litre gas cylinders WILL NOT fit. For information on special offers available for you, please contact our customer care team on 0845 601 0093 Mon to Fri 8.30am-4.30pm.
How do you sweeten your sugar free flavours?
In our new Waters range sweeteners may include Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides and Acesufame K. These sweeteners have been approved by the local and governmental authorities and have been in use for many years. If you have dietary limitations, such as diabetes or other conditions, we recommend that you read the ingredients label closely and follow the ongoing direction of your doctor. Please note that all flavours which are labelled "diet" contain some sugar.
How long will my drink stay sparkling?
Our hermetic seal in the carbonating bottle caps keep the sparkle in your drinks far longer than standard plastic bottles. If you make sure the cap is tightly closed and keep the bottle in the refrigerator, your SodaStream drinks should remain sparkling for over a week.
Should I refrigerate my flavours once I've opened them?
Refrigeration is always the best way to ensure freshness. Unopened bottles of flavour do not require refrigeration. Many people find that refrigeration is also the easiest way to store the flavour bottles.
Some of your flavours are no longer available on the web site?
Flavours can come in and out of the range depending on their popularity with customers, we do take your feedback onboard so if you want to see a particular flavour come into the range or you really like or dislike a flavour you’ve tried, and then place a review on our site.
What is the shelf-life of the SodaStream flavours?
Our flavours are all packaged and labelled for maximum freshness. "Best before dates" will vary and are printed on the bottle. We endeavour to give you at least 3 months remaining shelf life. Please check your bottle for exact information.
What's the right amount of flavour to add to a bottle?
We generally recommend that you add one capful of flavour to a 1 litre bottle of water (you will see a fill-line on the inside of the flavour bottle cap), which produces a ratio of water/flavour of approximately 23:1. With our My Water range we recommend about ½ teaspoon to one litre bottle of water. However with SodaStream you do have the freedom to alter the amount of flavour to match your personal taste.
Do you keep any record of credit card or debit card details?
SodaStream uses Global Collect as a payment processing company. The information you submit is transferred directly to Global Collect who check you have entered valid details and collect the money. If you opt to save your card details, these will be held by Global Collect and not SodaStream. The payment card process is secure, the certificate of security can be found on the site on the payment card page.
How do I use a coupon?
You should sign in first so that you can view your basket on the right-hand side of the screen. If you don't have a log in, it will only take a few moments to create one. Once you go into the online store, you will see the basket and a link "click to add coupons". Enter a relevant code at any point during your shop and you will be told if you have been successful. Don't forget to check that your coupon has a valid date. Please note, £10.00 off codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or sale items
I am having a problem ordering using this web site.
The ordering process requires pop ups to be enabled, please check this in your internet options. For any other problems, it is always a good idea to ring our customer care team on 0845 601 0093 Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 4.30pm or send a mail to customer.care-uk@sodastream.com.
I am not sure if my online payment went through?

SodaStream uses a payment processing company. In order for a payment to be processed your details are sent to them to check that you have entered valid details for a payment method. However once you clicked on the "submit" button to send your card details, unless you receive a specific message back saying that it has failed, please assume that the order has been validated and the payment processed.

You should be orientated to a confirmation screen with an order number and receive a confirmation email. But even if you don't and you receive a general internet error message the order may have been validated. Please do not use the "back" button, this will not undo an order once the submit button is pressed. If you are unsure if an order has been validated or if you have any other problems, please call our customer care team on 0845 601 0093(Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm) or send a mail to customer.care-uk@sodastream.com

Can I cancel my order?

We're sorry to hear you no longer want your bubbles, you can cancel your order from the moment it is placed until 7 working days after you either received the products, or until you receive written confirmation of your purchase (complete with the description of goods, prices, delivery arrangements and costs), whichever is the later.

Please call our Customer Care Team before you return the goods.They will guide you through the returning of goods process:

Tel: 0845 601 0093 (lines open Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4.30pm)

E-mail: customer.care-uk@sodastream.com

Please have your order number ready and include it on all correspondence regarding your cancellation request.

The goods will need to be returned at your own cost. However, if the goods received were faulty or did not correspond to those ordered, we will carry the cost of shipping. A full refund will be issued for your order (minus shipping costs) within 7 days of receiving your request, for any unopened concentrate bottles and cylinders or for machines returned in their original package in good condition.

What is our postal address?
Soda Club Worldwide Trading Company, 3 Francis Court, High Ditch Road, Fen Ditton, Cambridge, CB5 8TE. This is the office address, not a factory or a warehouse. Please do not send any products to this address.
Are you able to deliver all over the UK? What about off mainland or abroad?

At the moment we only ship to mainland UK addresses. If you're off the mainland UK please see our store locator for your nearest stockist. For anything outside of the UK please see www.sodastream.com to see if we have a direct service in your country.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship your bubbles with APC-Overnight Ltd. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been dispatched from bubbles HQ . Once you receive this email you can expect your order within the next working day. If you've provided us with your mobile number you'll also receive a text message.  To check the progress of your order simply click on the link in your dispatch confirmation email or text message. If you have any other problems simply email our Customer Care team at customer.care-uk@sodastream.com.

How much does home delivery cost?
Home delivery is £3.99. It doesn't matter how many items are included, as it’s a one-off charge per order.
How will my order be delivered?

Our goods are delivered by a third party courier service APC-Overnight Ltd.

APC-Overight Ltd will deliver to an address, not a named individual.  A signature upon delivery is required for all of our UK services.   When no one is available to accept the item, they will try and deliver the parcel to a neighbour, or to a local depot, where it will be held for 7 days. A card will be left informing the recipient of the attempted delivery and where the parcel can be collected from. For buildings with multiple occupancy the complete address must contain business name or department details and telephone number to allow a delivery to be completed.

If you are ordering exchange gas cylinders, a Collect+ returns label will be sent with your order. This needs to be placed onto the box of your empty cylinder so it can easily be tracked back to us. Then simply take it to your nearest Collect+ store.
Please make sure to obtain a proof of returns when returning your empty cylinders.

What if my goods haven't arrived between the 3rd and 5th working day after I placed my order?
You can track your bubbles online, simply follow the link in your dispatched email confirmation. This will take you to our couriers website, where you can track where your bubbles are. If your bubbles haven't arrived within 2 to 3 working days though please contact us directly: Tel: 0845 601 0093 (lines open Mon-Fri, 8.30am-4.30pm) E-mail: customer.care-uk@sodastream.com
Are you able to deliver all over the UK? What about off mainland or abroad?

At the moment we only ship to mainland UK addresses. If you're off the mainland UK please see our store locator for your nearest stockist. For anything outside of the UK please see www.sodastream.com to see if we have a direct service in your country.

Can someone else collect my order on my behalf?
Yes, it is possible for someone to collect your parcel on your behalf, but they must have your proof of ID and your collection code.
How do I select to have my order delivered to a CollectPlus collection point?
When placing your order you will be able to choose CollectPlus as a delivery option on the Delivery Options page before you get to the Payment page of checkout.
How long will I have to collect my parcel?
Your parcel will be held at by CollectPlus at their collection point for 10 days before being returned to us. You will receive reminders from CollectPlus after 3 days and 7 days of the parcel arriving at the collection point if you haven’t already collected your parcel. If your parcel is returned to us it will be processed as a return and a refund will be issued. You may still be charged for the CollectPlus delivery cost.
How long will it take for my order to arrive at my chosen CollectPlus collection point?
Once you have successfully placed and paid for your order, your item(s) will be processed and shipped to your chosen collection point. You will receive confirmation from CollectPlus via email and or SMS once your parcel is available for collection.This will include your unique collection code. Your item(s) will normally arrive at the collection point within 2 working days. Parcels are delivered to CollectPlus collection points Monday to Saturday. A specific time for arrival cannot be given.
How many CollectPlus collection points are there?
CollectPlus has over 5,500 stores throughout the UK .These could be your local Co-Op McColls, Budgens or Spar, as well as many independently owned convenience stores and newsagents and petrol stations. Unfortunately there are no collection points in the Channel Islands or at BFPO locations at the moment.
How much does store delivery cost?
CollectPlus Delivery costs £2.99. It doesn't matter how many items are included, as it’s a one-off charge per order.
Once my order has left SodaStream can I track it?
Yes, CollectPlus provides a tracking service which allows you to see where you parcel is. CollectPlus will also provide SMS updates if a mobile number has been provided.
What do I need to take when I collect my parcel?
Please take your CollectPlus collection code and proof of ID with you when you go to the collection point to collect your parcel.
What should I do if I don’t receive my collection code from CollectPlus?
If you haven’t received an email or SMS from CollectPlus with your collection code and the parcel’s estimated date of arrival has passed, then please contact us as our Customer Service team will be able to help you
What should I do if I lose my collection code from CollectPlus?
If you have lost the collection code sent to you by CollectPlus via email or SMS then please contact us to arrange for a new collection code to be issued, as you cannot collect your parcel without it.
What should I do if my parcel isn't available when I arrive at the CollectPlus collection point?
Please contact us at customer.care-uk@sodastream.com and we will look into it.
When are CollectPlus collection points open?
Nearly all CollectPlus stores are open early ‘til late, 7 days a week. The opening times for your local store will be shown as you choose your preferred collection point when placing your order.
When making a collection, what ID is accepted?
CollectPlus collection points accept the following forms of ID: • Driving licence • Utility bill • Mobile phone bill • Wage slip • Bank statement • Cheque guarantee/credit/debit card • Bank/building society book • Passport • Cheque book
Where is my nearest CollectPlus collection point?
During checkout, when you select CollectPlus as your delivery method, you will also be able to select your nearest collection point. Alternatively the CollectPlus website offers a postcode or location search.
Why is CollectPlus not available for my current order?
Unfortunately some items can’t be sent to a CollectPlus collection point. This is probably because the item you wish to purchase is either too large or too heavy for this delivery method. Please note that this service is only available for suitable items being shipped to customers in mainland UK and cannot be used for deliveries to Northern Ireland, The Scottish Islands and Isle of Wight.

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