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Register your SodaStream

Register your SodaStream and get £10 off your next gas order.

By registering your SodaStream you will validate your warranty (although you will still need your original receipt to claim on your warranty - so please keep that safe!) We will also email you a code to get £10 off your next order of gas - so you can buy:

  • an exchange gas Instead of RRP £12.99 + £10.00 refundable deposit, you pay £2.99 + refundable deposit. We send you a full gas cylinder and when your gas is finished, you simply return your empty to us and get your deposit back;
  • ,
  • or a spare gas so that you never run out of gas again. You pay £12.99 instead of RRP £22.99.

  • The date format is dd/mm/y for example 23/07/2012 for the 23 July 2012

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