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The great SodaStream trade-in.

We want to give you a chance to show someone else how SodaStream makes fresh sparkling water on tap (pardon the pun!) and help someone else keep single-use sparkling water and soft drink bottles out of landfill. It's all about reducing the number of single use plastic bottles that are getting thrown away each day and reducing our plastic footprint.

And don't worry! We don't mind if you pass your trusty older machine to a friend, or even take it to work or use it at your local club. The important thing is that you pass it on and help someone else keep those bottles out of landfill whilst getting busy with the fizzy.

Choose your trade-in from the machines below. It's easy to get started!

1. Pick your new machine from the machines below.

2. We take £30 off the RRP (because that's what we value your existing SodaStream at!)

3. You give your older SodaStream a new lease of life in another home!